Friday, 26 September 2014

Sweet As Sugar

To follow my new product range for the home, I have included the addition of a sugar pot to go with my teapot. Hand painted wit my illustration and typography on to the sugar pot with the words, Oh Sugar!

These cute and quaint pots are great for those who have a sweet tooth :) Available in black but can come in a range of colours upon request which include, yellow, pink, red, blue, green, orange and brown. 

Here are a few pictures all copyright of Bear in Mind Design 2014

Tea for Two

I have been working hard of late to put together some designs on to ceramics and create a range of products for the home. The tea design started as a illustration for a tote shopping bag and print for the kitchen. I have since expanded the design to a teapot with the help of my familys locally run pottery company. 

I would love to know what people think of my new range and all comments are welcome. This item is available to purchase through my etsy page:

All ware is hand painted and illustrations are all copyright of Bear in Mind Design 2014

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Work in Progress - Sneak Peeks

I have recently been working very hard networking and not updated my blog for a little while. Balancing a day job and then putting your all into your night job can be a very long and pressuring time. At times you feel your not getting anywhere, other times you receive some lovely feedback it keeps you going. I believe in what I do and with this I keep on going each and every day with or without the motivation, I get up and work on. 

I have been getting some new designs together and would like as much feedback as possible. I am a designer and work with a variety of mediums. I am looking to putting together some ranges so my new work will all tie in together. I have attached a few sneak peek pictures so you can see what ive been up to :)

Oh Crumbs!

Getting creative in the Kitchen after a quick photoshoot of some new designs. I decided to get out the baking stuff, mixing bowl and make something to tingle the tastebuds. Here is my recipe step by step guide if you fancy making some of this delicious treats yourself :)

Lemon Curd Cookies


220g Soft Golden Butter
110g Sweet Caster Sugar
60g Soft and light Icing Sugar
1 Large Chicken Egg
1 Tiny Spoon of Almond Exact
Finely grated Lemon Zest
Juice of a Lemon
300g Plain ordinary Flour
1 Tiny Spoon of fizzy Baking Powder

To Decorate:

Lots of Lemon Curd.

Lets Get Baking:

Preheat your Oven at a hot and toasty 190 Degrees/Gas Mark 5.

Mixing it up in a bowl with a large wooden spoon gather your caster sugar and butter until fluffy and light in colour. Mix in the sweet icing sugar, egg from a chicken, almond exact, lemon zest and juice. Give it a good old stir. Add the plain flour and baking powder until its one big lump of yummy dough.

Blob on small balls of the mixture on to a lined baking tray leaving gaps for them to be individual and squish in the middle leaving a dip for your lemon curd. 

Bake for 10-12 tick tock minutes until golden brown.

Add the lemon curd once cooled and don't eat all at once. Sharing is Caring

Enjoy :)