Sunday, 18 January 2015

In the studio

Back in the studio and I began by working on a few new things thats include a new design that I will illustrate on to a range of products as well as getting arty on canvas. First off I went straight into the studio and created my new range as a test sample. Unfortunately the test piece misfired in the kiln so I will be going back into the studio next weekend to do a stock of my design ready for revealing before the months out. Oh well that's an artists life when these things happen.

Being back in the studio is a great feeling with the music on and sketch book and paints out. So my next project consisted of a large scale canvas painting. I am aiming to do an exhibition this year and working on a range of pieces. Blank canvas at the ready, a stock of paints and brushes to get me started. After putting together an idea, I began my lastest creation. My idea is a landscape mixed with the city using a selection of bright infused colours and mixed mediums. I will post my designs very soon. In the meantime keep following my work :)

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Start of 2015

We begin with a new year and welcome 2015. Bear in Mind Design ended the last year with new products and two successful craft events in Derbyshire. This year will hopefully hold much more success and hopefully more opportunties. 

Getting back in the studio today, I have began the creation of my new design which I hope to turn into a range of products over the coming year. I also have a few more designs for my illustrated ceramic collections and more designs for my baby wear which will expand into more products. All exciting stuff. 

I am looking at getting more of my wares into stockists this year as well so I can get a wider audience reach. I will let you know the progress of this. In the meantime I am re-desiging the website and doodling to my hearts content. I hope you will stick with me to watch my progress and keep your eyes out for my new work.

Happy 2015!!!