Thursday, 27 March 2014

White White White

Having previously framed my LP's artwork in black frames, I have now invested in some white frames to give my customers a choice. If you would like one of my painted LP's or would like your very own personalised LP piece of art framed in either black or white frame then let me know when puting your order in. I have attached some pictures of some recent art framed in the new white frames. Looking good :)

Out of this World

With my head in the stars I got inspired by the night sky and found these amazing LP's with star/space titles. Getting inspired by stars, colours and painting effects, I created a series of starry paintings as a theme for my LP's. Using acrylics and a ranges of brushes and art tools, making an atmospheric and striking set of artwork with a unique style. These pieces come framed and ready for any home or studio wall. If you are interested in these pieces or would like your very own personalised framed LP art, get in touch:

Saturday, 15 March 2014

You are my Hero

These are my new mother's day cards that are for sale. I will be selling them on my etsy shop or you can contact me if you fancy getting these unique hand crafted designed cards. If you love your mom or think she is you're hero then why not let her know with one of my beautifully handcrafted cards.

Cathedral Quarter Arts Event

A lovely day showcasing my work at the Cathedral Quarter Arts event in Derby. I had very positive feedback and lots of people stopping by my stall. I was selling my new mothers day cards, screen printed baby grows, LP clocks/framed art, tote bags and prints. I also managed to do a little networking on the day and was nice to see people smiling and admiring my work. Here are some of the pictures below from the day:

Friday, 7 March 2014

Limited Edition Illustration Ceramics

Here are the finished sample pieces of ceramic ware that I have illustrated and hand painted. Having been decorated using specialised paint and fired in a large kiln. The pieces have come out in one piece and have turned out just the way I had hoped. I am looking to produce a limited edition range of my work on to ceramic ware. It is all work in progress at the moment. These illustrations will also be available as prints and into one of painted pieces. If you are interested in any of these pieces get in touch.

All images and designs are copyright of Bear in Mind Design

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Illustrations on Ceramics

Having been inspired from a trip down to Brighton, I took photos and I have been sketching in my sketch book. Since then I have been working on putting these images together to create some interesting designs inspired by Brighton and an old retro tattoo style. 

This week, I have been experimenting with ceramics, drawing my illustrations on to earthenware and hand decorating. The items are now in the kiln being fired. Here are the pictures so far of the progress :)

If anyone is interested in these limited edition pieces then please get in touch.

All images copyright of Bear in Mind Design