Saturday, 14 March 2015

A Landscape Challenge

After a visit to an art shop picking up materials for some recently commissioned work, I couldn't resist picking up a large canvas and setting myself a challenge. Having no idea or plan on what to paint I just chose a colourful palette of colours and started a base coat and the rest is what follows. 

I never was much of a painter and with no previous desire to paint I guess I have surprised myself. I had done a few still life classes at art college which included sketching and painting objects and then moving on to life models. With a love of colour and a techinque I have picked up along the way, I decided to try something a little different....a landscape. 

The painting details a scenery of Dovedale, a beautiful place that holds fond memories and a silhouette of the city to which has been my home for the last couple of years. In the painting there are hidden meanings and references close to my heart. I have taken photos of my step by step progress from start to finish. I have also complied a short video of my documentation which I will upload very soon.  

'Moon light city soul within a beautiful place'

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